• Resource Facilitation for Those with Mental Illness

A Team Committed To
Your Success

Being diagnosed with a mental illness can be difficult at any age, and many Alaskans aren’t sure where to turn for help for themselves or a family member. At Daybreak, we’re here to help those who have received a diagnosis to live a fulfilling life through comprehensive, independent resource facilitation services. Our philosophy of care includes a belief that such a diagnosis doesn’t mean an end to a joyful life, and that recovery from mental illness is possible.

When you choose to work with Daybreak, know that you’re working with a team committed to your success and the success of every client. We advocate for the ability of our clients to choose the service providers and organizations with whom they will work.  Equally important is our focus on being out in the community with our clients, rather than requiring clients to come into our offices for appointments.  This approach fosters client success and provides the level of personalized support we’re known for.

We get to know clients on a personal level, meaning we can recognize changes in behaviors, ask the right questions and get help before a potential crisis becomes a real one. Through this positive working relationship, our case managers can help every client achieve their goals and maximize the chance for long-term success.

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