• Reducing Recidivism with the Valley Reentry Program

Helping former inmates to transition into successful citizenship

The Valley Reentry Program, funded by the Mat-Su Health Foundation and the Mat-Su Reentry Coalition focuses on reducing recidivism among those people who are coming out of the prison system and returning to society. The program is voluntary and open to those individuals who are scheduled to be released from the Department of Corrections.

As a partner offering case management services, Daybreak team members work with the Department of Corrections to identify and meet with those men and women appropriate for the Valley Reentry Program.

The services offered to program participants are designed to assure a positive transition into the community and to enhance community safety. As they prepare to leave the prison system, participants create a plan of action they will follow after release. They receive education about how to apply for housing, obtain employment and/or education and community services available to them. Once released, they are then required to work on that plan of action while complying with the terms of any court-ordered probation or parole.

It is important to note that this grant-funded program does not promote early release and does not pay for needed services. Its goal is to reduce the financial burdens on res-idents of the Mat-Su Valley and all Alaskans by reducing the rate of re-incarceration among those within the criminal justice system.

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